The “Notty” List…

Posted: April 12, 2015
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The “Notty” List… 5 Things NOT To Do When Selling Your Home

Are you selling your home soon? You’re in the right place then. There is a lot of work that goes into selling your home and I know it can feel like you’re in over your head. So my team and I here to help you out a bit with a few tips on what NOT to do when selling your home.


Overpricing is a huge “no-no.” We all know you want room to negotiate but if you are pricing too high then no one is going to consider your insanely overpriced home. Buyers will know that you are asking for more than it’s worth and you won’t be taken seriously. If anything, this will actually cause the few offers you do receive to be lowballs.


DIY is a pretty big trend in today’s world. Due to the popularity of several DIY real estate television programs, many sellers want to experiment with doing things on their own. And with YouTube and other resources, it’s easier than ever to do so … with a few exceptions.

 One of the times to not go DIY is when selling your home. Unless you’ve bought and sold quite a few homes in your life, you probably don’t know the best ways to go about the process. The For Sale By Owner (FSBO) method can be overwhelming. That’s why we are here for you. Realtors live for this kind of stuff- literally. Selling homes is what we do. Hire a competent agent and let them take some of that stress off your hands. Also, agents typically sell your home faster than when you try doing it yourself. Would you walk into a courtroom without an attorney on your side?? Real Estate is much the same; having a licensed Realtor as your representative and advocate is the key to a smooth sale and staying out of trouble!!

Keep Secrets

Keeping secrets is the best way to get into trouble when selling your home. You should be completely honest with your agent and any potential buyers. Any secrets you have now will be sure to ruin your sale later. Nothing can stay hidden forever and it’s only a matter of time before the buyers suspect there’s been a lie or two about the home’s faulty construction. If you are open about these kinds of matters, it is likely potential buyers will still be willing to work around any problems and come to an agreement. On the other hand, if you’re trying to hide problems in the home, it may come to surface later, the buyers won’t trust anything you’re saying, and the deal won’t be closed.

Sell It “As Is”

People will understand a little mess when viewing your home. But we all know that first impressions are important. If you’re showing your home and your dog’s chew toys are laying around the house along with his nice long hair dusted over the furniture and your four year-old’s snacks are poured over the kitchen counter, any potential buyer is going to have that image of the home burned into their brain. I’m not saying you need to completely tear down the walls and redecorate your entire house- just tidy up a bit, trim the hedges, paint over your children’s masterpieces on the walls and it will make all the difference.

Take the Highest Bid

The highest bid will appeal to you the most, of course, but that doesn’t always mean it is the best option. Be sure to look for the most-qualified buyer or your sale might just fall through. It may look like the best choice but sometimes the highest bidder will have other issues preventing them from being able to follow through on the sale (like too much debt, bad credit, or not enough money to cover a down-payment and/or closing costs). You want to be sure that all the details are looked over before accepting any bids.

Selling your home takes a lot of time and work, but if you do it carefully with attention to detail it can be a breeze. Was this “Notty” list helpful? If you would like more information on Columbus, GA real estate listings, I’d love to chat with you! Shoot me an email today.