The Start to the Countdown…

Posted: September 5, 2016
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(Joey took these pictures while riding by my side for the entire race. It’s how we spend time together; I love knowing he is there with me.)

Today is the start to the countdown. At the end of this month I turn 39 and I’ve spent time thinking about how I want to honor my 30’s (they’ve been good to me) and welcome my 40’s with open arms. I’ve decided to spend the next 12 months focusing on balance in my life. I often tell people I was in the best shape of my life when the real estate market was the worst; I had lots of extra time to train (Lol! No joke).  As the market has turned (for the better) I’ve spent the last couple years building a strong real estate business and team. I’ve had to pull away from some of my fitness goals to focus on my career and responsibility to my clients. As I’ve focused on my business I’ve lost focus in other areas of my life and I’ve sacrificed time with the people I love the most. That’s a apart of growing a strong business and I have no regrets at all but as I look forward I know it’s time to think about how to bring better balance back into my life (without neglecting my responsibilities).

Over the last several years I have been deeply blessed. God has had plans for me and I’ve trusted His direction. In early 2014 He tapped me on the shoulder and said I have plans for you but you are going to need help. He sent me Virginia Fuller.  Not long after, He tapped me again and said this is just the beginning; I have plans for you and you need help.  He sent me Tom Maldonado. This past spring He tapped me on shoulder and said we aren’t finished, I have plans for you and you need help. With that He sent me Kylie McKinney. This team of amazing people has been directed & selected by God. I can’t wait to see what/ who He sends next!

His plans for me run deep and while I don’t know exactly where God will take me, I know it is going to be Good!! God’s plans to grow my real estate career mean I’ve had to take some big leaps of faith and trust that He has my back.  God knows my heart and knows my desires. Back in 2004 I got into real estate, that was the BIGGEST leap I’ve ever taken and one of the best decisions in my life. The aspect of a real estate career that was most alluring to me was the ability to direct my own life & career and to have control over the ‘balance’ in my life. That is still what I love about this path God has guided me to but over the course of this journey I have lost some of the balance. The next 12 months is about getting that back.

As I round out my 30’s I’ve decided (with God’s tap on my shoulder) that in addition to continuing to build my branding, my team & truly making a difference in the real estate community, I need to take time and enjoy the life He has given me. We all know, there is no promise of tomorrow. Over the next 12 months I am taking time each month to do things I love (in addition to my work). I’ve decided the best way to honor my 30’s, welcome my 40’s and show my gratitude to God for all of His many blessings is to find better balance.

The Fitness Plan:    I am committing to race at least once per month (w/ Joey as my biggest fan & cheerleader). I started today with the Big Dog 10k Labor Day Classic. I was leery of signing up because I’m not in ‘race condition’ so it was hard for me to put my ‘ego’ to the side and hit the start line without beating myself up over my race results. However, I love running (and racing) so today was the day to start bringing balance back to my life. It was no PR race but I had a ton of fun and I’m thankful I did it. As I build my conditioning with the help of Coach Valentin (my running coach), Tina Davis (my nutrition coach), my friends & coaches at WODLife & my longtime fitness home (the YMCA) I am working on my Road To Boston. My ‘secret’ goal is to kick of my 40’s by qualifying for Boston. With Joey  by my side I feel like I can do anything. (Stay tuned…)

The Family & Friends Plan:    I am committing to take time each month to see my family and friends who don’t live close enough to visit regularly. I may not be able to see everyone but it’s important to me that I take time to see the people I love so much.  My nieces and nephews are growing up too fast and I don’t want to miss out. 

The Joey Plan (Bailee too):  Joey is the most important factor in all of this. He is my whole life, my entire world. He gives of himself by always supporting me in whatever I do and is often the most neglected.  In the early days of our relationship & running together, he would run circles waiting for me (he has always been a very talented & gifted runner). In this life of work and craziness, he still is running circles waiting for me. I regularly leave the house before sunrise and I’m gone until after sunset. He does not waiver in his commitment to me even though he typically gets the least of me. This is the biggest area in my life where I am most committed to having better balance. I love him with everything I am and he deserves more of me; he deserves the best of me. With that said, Joey get ready because God has big plans for us!! Now, let’s go to Key West!!!