The Team… Here We Grow Again!

Posted: May 24, 2017
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If you would have asked me 5 years ago about a ‘real estate team’ I would have said, “No way! I’ve got my hands full managing me!”  That one word, ‘manage’, was the problem. I had worked in management for years in both retail & banking. When I left ‘management’ in 2004 to start a real estate career I vowed to never ‘manage’ people again. I was burned out on that type of work. Fast forward to 2014… I more than survived the market crash, I thrived!! I built a strong business & reputation in real estate when people said it could not be done in the midst of unprecedented market decline, against the odds. I was (am) doing things others were not and it set me apart. I didn’t let the crash stop me!

My business was rapidly growing and my brokers, Allen Parham & Reynolds Bickerstaff, kept nudging me to think about hiring an assistant. A meeting at Starbucks on Bradley Park Dr. with Julie Sarkiss, Director of Agent Business Development at Bickerstaff Parham Real Estate, changed my life. Within a few days of meeting with Julie I knew it was time. Allen & Julie had already identified a very special person to assist me. In March of 2014 I sat a table in one of the old vaults of Iron Bank Coffee shop overlooking 11th St. for what was another life changing meeting involving coffee… Iron Bank is where the one and only Virginia Fuller and I met for the first time. The funny thing is, I knew with all my heart (& gut) that Virginia was in God’s plan for me before I ever met with her face to face. She was hired already & didn’t even know it. Meeting her just confirmed what I already knew. In our conversation I told her that I had no desire to manage anyone.  I said, “If this is going to work between us, I don’t want to manage you, I need you to manage me.”  Virginia is the backbone of our team. I have the most respect and love for this amazing lady (and her family). She not only is the perfect person to ‘manage’ me but she has become one of my closest friends. The rest is history in the making.

When it came time to expand the team there was this guy I had my eye on for a while. He and I had done some work together on the sale of a couple of properties and like when I met Virginia, I just knew he was right.  I can’t say why or exactly what it was but I knew with all my heart (gut) that Tom Maldonado was the next person God was directing to join our efforts. When Virginia met him, she immediately felt the same. And so the growth continued as Tom became a part of the team. I am in awe of how perfect Tom is for everything our team values. Tom  (aka ‘Boy Kim’) brought so much more to what we were building than I ever could had dreamed. If you do not know Tom, you are truly missing out on knowing one of the most fantastic guys you could ever meet. He is honest, hard working, funny (in a Yankee way) and truly one of the best people I’ve ever met. Only God could have made such a perfect match for the KM Team.

Time rolled on and our success together grew in ways we never expected. The time came when the 3 of us knew it was necessary to find another teammate. I didn’t know who the next person would be but I knew God would once again send just who we needed.  I prayed, Virginia prayed & Tom said a name… Tom & I were talking and I was feeling anxious because I knew it was time to grow again; I was searching for the right fit. Tom had the answer; Kylie McAlister. Tom had helped Kylie, her husband & 2 sons find a home. He somehow knew she would fit right in and she would be who we needed. Again, my heart (gut) knew Tom was right.  I had never met her, but I knew. Little did Kylie know but she had the job before we even met. Our ‘interview’ just confirmed what God had already put into place. When Kylie left the office that day, Virginia & I looked at each other and smiled. With that, Kylie joined our team. She is the most enthusiastic and dedicated lady you could ever know. She has a heart of gold; she is talented in ways that are such a compliment to our team and with that 3 became 4.

The blessings have continued and our business has grown like nothing we could have imagined. It didn’t take long before I knew we would need another. Back in the Fall my intuition told me by Spring 2017 we would be adding that next teammate. Things are growing quickly as the market & our business continue to flourish. Again, it was time but I had no idea ‘who’ it would be. I had been praying and searching but nothing seemed to fit. We were all feeling the pressure and I kept telling the team I knew God would send us who we need; I just did not yet know who He had in store. I had met with Julie several times (and the brokers) trying to figure out who that next team player would be but nothing felt right, until….mid-morning one day in April I had a missed call, however no voicemail was left. Her number was saved in my phone so I thought about her all day. It was a super busy day so since she didn’t leave a voicemail, I didn’t call her back however I did keep thinking about that missed call. Later that evening I got a call from Julie.  She said she talked to an agent that day and she thought that agent might be a good fit for my team. Immediately I knew she was talking about Maci Wright, the missed call. When I got off the phone with Julie, I called Virginia and told her I think we found our next team member. Again, little did Maci know but she had the job before we ever met. Maci is our latest blessing and man is this lady gonna set the world on fire!  Again, we prayed and God answered.

Here is the thing you need to know, all my teammates (and those to come) already had the job because it’s apart of a bigger plan; not because I picked them but because God has already planned everything and is putting this all together in His way & His time. Everything the Kim Mixon Real Estate Team is and everything we will be is already decided. As long as we continue to maintain our focus on our core values & work to serve with the right heart and clear vision this will continue to grow.

We are a team. I might have started this but without each teammate, what we are & what we do would not be possible; I can’t go it alone.  The definition of TEAM~ A group of people with different skills & different tasks, who work together for a common goal, with a meshing of functions & mutual support. Each individual on this team brings a special talent and a specific set of skills which makes us who we are. It might be my name on the sign but the most important word in all of this is TEAM. Any success or failure is shared. We are in this together. Having a team of talented, caring individuals allows us all to not only be great in our careers but it allows us to be great in our personal lives too. If one of us is sick, on vacation or dealing with a family situation the rest of us are there to make sure our clients have exactly what they need so nothing falls short. Having a team means we have the support of each other and our clients get the best of us each day. “You can go it alone if you want to, but life and work are a lot more fun, and far more productive, when we’re pulling together as a winning team. No one can be the best at everything. But when we combine our talents, we can and will be the best at virtually anything.”  ~Dan Zadra

What I’ve learned over the last few years since starting this team is that if I find the right people, if I let God direct the plan, then I will never have to ‘manage’ anyone.  I might be the Team Leader but I am far from a ‘manager’.  My teammates & I work together. There is no ‘boss’, simply a group of talented adults working together for a common goal. It’s not my team, it’s OUR team.  With all of that said, I would like to welcome Maci Wright to our team. Maci has joined the team as a Listing Specialist and God has great plans ahead for her together with the Kim Mixon Real Estate Team. These are exciting times and our future is bright!!