To My 2015 Run Across Ga Team…

Posted: May 10, 2015
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Front Row: Kim Mixon, Carolee Luther, Nicole Bush, Shelly Dinkin

Back Row: Joni Biancardi (Team Massage Therapist), Ashley Hartwell, Kathy Stenslie, Merisha Johnson, Megan Foran

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To My 2015 RAG Team,


Over my previous 5 years participating in the Run for the Heroes (Run Across Ga) I’ve learned a lot. I learned early-on in year 1 how much a team’s desire to finish can allow them to overcome even the most discouraging obstacles. I’ve learned that every member of the team brings a special gift to this event and every teammate is important regardless of the pace. I’ve learned you don’t need as much food as you will bring and by the second day you will hate every food choice you made. I’ve learned modesty gets dropped at the starting line and when you’ve gotta go… well, let’s just say you’ve gotta go. I’ve learned that the memories we will make and the bond we will have will be special to us. I’ve learned some new swear words (thanks to Brenda Hitz). I’ve learned the heat can bear down on you in ways you’ve never imagined and the hills will cut into your legs like knives. I’ve learned that the night runs can be some of the best and not seeing the hills ahead really does make a difference. I’ve learned what tired really is and that a shower can be something you desire more than anything in the world. I’ve learned that you’ll never feel as far from the finish-line as you will when we hit Fort Benning, it seems like the last few miles take forever. I’ve learned despite all of the heat, hills & pain, the RAG really is fun! I’ve learned all of this and so much more. Most importantly I’ve learned it’s not about you or me any one individual and the true spirit of this event has nothing to do with running.


We have all committed to do our part and get the team 260 miles across Ga. While our adventure will be exciting, challenging, fun and personally gratifying, we cannot forget what this is really about. As I’ve told you from the beginning, my top priority for our team is to raise the most money we can for the House of Heroes. It doesn’t matter how may miles we run or what our average pace is for this event. If our primary focus is on the run then we have already lost. No amount of running will do anything to help the Veterans and Public Safety Officials who this event is really about. Without our BEST fundraising efforts, everything we will do and all the challenges we will go through Memorial Day weekend will be in vain. The real spirit of Run for the Heroes is in our true efforts to raise every penny we can to benefit the House of Heroes and all they do for the men & women of this country (and their families) who have given so much and sacrificed beyond measure to protect our freedom both domestically and abroad.


Together our adventure running across Georgia Memorial Day Weekend will be our team celebration for all the months we have spent preparing and fundraising for this event. While the run has meaning to us as a team of athletes, the fundraising is where we really make a difference in people’s lives. I cannot express to you how proud I am of our team. Thank each of you ladies for truly making an effort to raise all we can for the House of Heroes!


As we hit the road at 4am on Saturday, May 23 2015, we have already won in the spirit of this event. As we face what lies ahead, we do it together and we do it to honor all the men and women who have given so much so that we can be Free! I want us to be mindful of what Memorial Day Weekend is all about and as I’ve also said from the start, I want us to have FUN!!!!


Thank you for being apart of Team and thank you for understanding what the Run for the Heroes is really about.


As we are running remember this quote from the House of Heroes, “On behalf of the Congress of the United States and a grateful nation, this gift for you for your gift to us.”


Your Proud Captain,